Ignorance of the rules is no excuse!

Minecraft server

  1. Stealing, greifing, or destruction of another members property on the server is prohibited. This rules also applies if the property is unclaimed. If a player has not logged on in quite sometime, request permission from a staff member to remove the player's property.
  2. If you are found exploiting any glitch to gain an advantage against other players, you will be punished. If you are to come across a bug, please report it in our Discord.
  3. The use of modifications that gives you an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed. The modifications include but are not limited to, X-Ray, Kill-aura, Auto-clicker's, and etc.
  4. Circumventing our blacklisted item plugin will result in punishment. Blacklisted items include but are not limited to, weather machine's, weather deflector's, etc.
  5. Since our in-game ranking system runs off of play-time. The use of AFK machines to add play-time will result in a potential reset of your play-time along with further punishment.
  6. In order to create an official town on the server, you must read the guidelines in our Discord
  7. Requesting staff to world edit an area for you, requesting staff to spawn in items, or asking a staff member if they'll sell you a creative item, is prohibited.
  8. Do not abuse the EAS command.

Discord server

  1. Avoid creating loud noises, mic spamming, or creating a disturbance in voice channels. Please remember, everyone is there to chill out and talk to one another.
  2. The use of soundboards and voice-changers can create a disturbance within voice channels, for this reason it is prohibited to use either.
  3. Intentionally hopping back and fourth from voice channel to voice channel to cause a disturbance or annoyance is prohibited.
  4. Playing offensive, inappropriate, or extremely loud sounds is not allowed and will result in your access to the bot to be revoked.
  5. Pinging someone more than three times within ten minutes, mass pinging users, or pinging any role that you have not gotten permission to ping will result in a punishment.
  6. Please only ping the @Staff, @Management, or @Console Access roles if it is an emergency. Unnecessary pinging will result in a warning and then further punishment if it continues.
  7. Some of the discord channels have extended cooldowns between messages you send. This includes the #towns channel (1 week) and the #promotions channel (1 day). Failure to follow the special channel cooldowns will result in a removal of the messages and punishment.

General rules

  1. All members of the community deserve the utmost respect at all times. Harassment, disrespect, or intimidation will not be tolerated.
  2. Spamming of chat, commands, or anything else that may cause an annoyance to other players is not allowed.
  3. Encouraging other members to commit self-harm will never be tolerated on any of our platforms. Violations of this rules will result in severe punishment.
  4. The advertisment of other Discord servers or Minecraft servers is not allowed. You are allowed to advertise media channels such as YouTube or Twitch channels.
  5. Trying to find a loop hole within the rules is not allowed. If moderators deem that you have violated one of our rules you will be punished. If you believe your punishment is false, don't hesitate to make an appeal.
  6. Leaking personal information of other members such as names, pictures, social media accounts, or any-other information without their consent is strictly prohibited.
  7. Impersonating staff members, other community members, or famous people is not allowed.
  8. Please keep in mind, majority of our community is under the age of 18. With this in mind, any message, image, or link that includes pornographic, gory, or inappropaite material will result in punishment.
  9. Threatening to DDoS, Dox, or anything that involves unauthorized access to someone's computer or route is prohibited and will result in severe punishment.
  10. Any message, profile picture, skin, or username that is offensive, hateful, or discriminatory is not allowed and will result in severe punishment.
  11. Starting, aiding, or spreading drama is highly looked down upon in our community. Please keep any disputes private and do not attempt to bring other community members into drama.
  12. The use of an alternate account is not allowed on any of our platforms. If you are deemed to be using an alternate account, both accounts will be punished.

If you have read the rules, you can go and enjoy the fun on our server!

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