Who we are?

Resistance Craft is a modded tornado survival server first started by the YouTuber FireResistance, who now goes by "Pulse Fire". The server has a few resets every year with a lot of mods, towns, and lots of possibilities for you to become one of the more well known players of the server.

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Modded Survival

Our server is mainly a modded survival server. We off many different features, as well as an economy.

  • Economy
  • Quests
  • Custom Plguins
  • and more

Have a problem or want to get in touch with others?
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Why vote?

Voting helps get the word out there that we are still alive, that we are still looking for new players, and that the modded community is not dead.

Server FAQs.

Do you have a question about the server? Check here to see if someone has already asked it!

Is there land claiming?
Yes! Every reset we have land claiming. We use FTBChunks to allow players to claim chunks.
Where can I donate?
You can purchase a rank by clicking here.
Who is the incredible developer who made the ResistanceCraft plugin?
That would be me, DuckyProgrammer!
Who is PulseFire?
PulseFire is the old owner of the server, who moved on to Rocket League. He left the server to us but we still give him credit for creating the server.
How do I join?

Step 1: Download the technic launcher here and log into your Minecraft account.

Step 2: Once logged in, at the top choose Modpacks, and then paste the link below where is says "Add Pack or Search" in the top left.

  • Link to paste: https://technicpack.net/modpack/resistancecraft-rc2v1
  • Step 3: At the bottom right, click install, and then once installed, click play. (Make sure your installed version is the latest)

    Step 4: Once Minecraft is open, go to "Multiplayer", click on the ResistanceCraft icon, and hit join!

  • If our server isn't automatically in your directory, click "Direct Connect" and paste our IP, play.resistancecraft.net, and then hit login.